Solvy™ 80 mil/HEAVY

Embroidered badges and embroidered emblems can be produced quickly and efficiently in this manner.  Then, use Gunold's Heat and Seal™, otherwise known as BSN™, to permanently affix this resulting applique' or patch to any garment, hat, bag, or virtually any embroidery blank.

You can quickly and easily make inexpensive Patches and Emblems with Heavy-Solvy.

Main Embroidery Applications - Heavy Solvy™

Backing: Heavy Solvy™ as a backing for embroidery blanks where both fabric sides are visible to the end user, and residual visual backing is undesirable.

Patches: Use Heavy Solvy™ to produced patches and emblems quickly and efficiently.

Embroidery Hints and Tips

Heavy Solvy™ for embroidery patches and embroidery emblems:
Firmly hoop Ultra Solvy™ film without additional stabilizer. Embroider directly onto the film and then punch out the finished embroidery from the Heavy Solvy™. Now you have embroidered patches/emblems with neatly finished edges.
An EmbroideryTip:
When sewing completely filled-in patches, the embroidery design should be digitized so that all segments and threads are interlinked. If not, the design will fall apart when you remove the Ultra Solvy™ water soluble film.
Heavy Solvy™ Complimentary Products
Use Gunold Heat and Seal™ (BSN™) to permanently adhere the patch/emblem to any embroidery blank or garment imaginable. Use also for cutwork embroideries like English or Richelieu embroidery.
When you use Heavy Solvy™ embroidery film as a backing, you will love this quality product and the ease in which it is removed from your finished product. Because it is water soluble, Heavy Solvy™ rapidly dissolves with a spray of water. What could be simpler! 

Gunold Solvy™ Technical Information
Material: Water-soluble film made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol.
Strength: 80 microns, approx. 97 g/m2
Availability: Rolls