Solvy™ 80 mil/HEAVY

You can quickly and easily make inexpensive Patches and Emblems with Heavy-SolvyEmbroidered badges and embroidered emblems can be produced quickly and efficiently in this manner.  Then, use Gunold's Heat and Seal, otherwise known as BSN, to permanently affix this resulting applique' or patch to any garment, hat, bag, or virtually any embroidery blank.

Main Embroidery Applications - Heavy Solvy™

Topping: Use Heavy Solvy™ as a topping for soft pile fabrics, knitwear, terry cloth, or whenever highly-detailed embroideries would disappear in the material. Residual stabilizer simply tears away.
Backing: Use Heavy Solvy™ as a backing for embroidery blanks where both fabric sides are visible to the end user, and residual visual backing is undesirable.

Learn & Touch Embroidery Hints and Tips

Heavy Solvy™ for Embroidery Patches and Embroidery Emblems:
Firmly hoop Heavy Solvy™ Film without additional stabilizer. Embroider directly onto the film and then punch out the finished embroidery from the embroidery foil or embroidery film. Now you have free-standing embroidery with neatly finished edges.
An Embroidery Tip:
When sewing completely filled-in patches, the embroidery design should be digitized so that all segments and threads are interlinked. If not, the design will fall apart when you remove the Heavy Solvy™ water soluble film.
Heavy-Solvy™ Complimentary Products
Use Gunold Heat and Seal™ to permanently adhere the free-standing embroidery to any embroidery blank or garment imaginable. Use also for cutwork embroideries like English or Richelieu embroidery.
Gunold Solvy™ Technical Information
Material: Water-soluble film made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol.
Strength: 80 microns, approx. 97 g/m2
Availability: Rolls in 3 different sizes: 110 yds x 40 inches, 110 yards x 10 inches, and 16 yards x 20 inches. Sold in single or multiple rolls.
Whether you use Heavy Solvy™ embroidery film as a topping or as a stabilizer, you will love this quality product and the ease in which it is removed from your finished product. Because it is water soluble, Heavy Solvy™ rapidly dissolves with a spray of water. What could be simpler! When you order any solvy product from Gunold, not only do you get an outstanding product for your embroidery business, but you get the entire Gunold team behind you. Customers are enthusiastic about our fast shipping, and our outstanding and friendly customer service team; our knowledgeable staff is here to help you and your business every step of the way. To learn even more and become a world-class embroidery professional, participate in our Learn and Touch seminars, events, workshops, and visit our website frequently to keep up with embroidery news and embroidery trends!