Fabri Solvy™

Embroidery Non-Woven Backing that Dissolves When Washed!

As a Gunold best-seller, Fabri-SOLVY, or SOLVY™ Fabric is a specially designed water soluble stabilizer that really performs under the most difficult conditions. Fabri-SOLVY™ is a 1.25 oz., opaque, fabric-like, water soluble backing that has a silky, soft feel. It functions just like fabric during embroidery projects but also is easily removed like a water soluble stabilizer.
Everyone knows great embroidery demands a great stabilizer that’s invisible to the eye on completed embroidered garments. To really ensure invisibility of your stabilizer, we’ve developed a one of a kind dissolving technology for a fabric backing. Simply use Fabri-SOLVY™ as an embroidery backing or topper as you do your embroidery sew-out, and it will dissolve after a light wash. Indeed, SOLVY™ fabric backing completely washes away with zero stabilizer residues, leaving your design comfortable against the skin. Fabri-SOLVY™  is an ideal stabilizer for those with sensitive skin or babies.
Fabri-Solvy is the perfect dissolvable embroidery backing for stabilizing shirts, blouses, jerseys and denims. It also works well with sheer curtain fabrics and voile. 

Technical Information

Material: Water-soluble film backing is made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol
Leaves no hazardous substances in the water.