Fabri Solvy

Embroidery Non-Woven Backing that Dissolves When Washed!

As a Gunold best-seller, Fabri-SOLVY, or SOLVY Fabric is a specially designed water soluble stabilizer that really performs under the most difficult conditions. Fabri-SOLVY is a 1.25 oz., opaque, fabric-like, water soluble backing that has a silky, soft feel. It functions just like fabric during embroidery projects but also is easily removed like a water soluble stabilizer.
Everyone knows great embroidery demands a great stabilizer that’s invisible to the eye on completed embroidered garments. To really ensure invisibility of your stabilizer, we’ve developed a one of a kind dissolving technology for a fabric backing. Simply use Fabri-SOLVY as an embroidery backing or topper as you do your embroidery sew-out, and it will dissolve after a light wash. Indeed, SOLVY fabric backing completely washes away with zero stabilizer residues, leaving your design comfortable against the skin. Fabri-SOLVY is an ideal stabilizer for those with sensitive skin or babies.
Fabri-Solvy is the perfect dissolvable embroidery backing for stabilizing shirts, blouses, jerseys and denims. It also works well with sheer curtain fabrics and voile. 

Flexible Sizing

Various sizes of rolls of backing for the convenience of commercial embroidery machine operators requesting a selection of sizes as per embroidery job.

Technical Information

Material: Water-soluble film backing is made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol
Leaves no hazardous substances in the water.