Solvy™ Water Soluble Backing

Solvywater soluble stabilizer provides high quality results even on high-pile fabrics! The softer and bulkier the fabric, the easier stitches tend to disappear into the material resulting in unsightly embroideries. Gunold's water soluble stabilizer is your answer.
 is a Gunold trademarked product. We developed a manufacturing process that produces consistent, high quality water soluble film that is perfect from batch to batch. Many unique and desirable traits of Gunold's Solvy led Gunold to obtain the trademark on both Solvy and Gunold Solvy. No other water soluble backing has the quality, consistency, and ease of use as Gunold Solvy.
Our Solvy™ stabilizer can be used on either the top or bottom of your embroidery garment or embroidery blank. The most popular way to use Solvy™ is as a water soluble topping, placed or hooped on the top of the garment. It even works on high speed embroidery machines.  Solvy™ ensures that every single stitch turns out brilliantly, with a detailed and needle sharp look.
Once you take your sewout off the machine, you will see that Solvy™ has done its job of showing off your stitchwork by keeping it "above the pile."   The final steps are to simply remove the remaining larger pieces of Solvy™ by tearing, and smaller pieces will dissolve with a spritz of water from a spray bottle.  
It's a perfect application for scarves and towels.

Main Embroidery Applications for Gunold Solvy™ Water Soluble

Solvy™ has a primary and secondary use.  The primary or most popular use is, as described above, is to use it as a topping for pile fabrics, knitwear, terry cloth, or whenever highly-detailed embroideries would otherwise disappear in the material.   However, it is often used as a backing for any embroidery job where both fabric sides are visible to the end user.  For example, this is a great embroidery trick to use with products like scarves and towels.

Learn & Touch Embroidery Hints and Tips

When working with terry cloth, use SOLVY™ on both fabric sides, if needed (as topping and backing).
If you don't want to wash the embroidery to remove residual Solvy– wet a remnant piece of nonwoven backing and place it on the embroidery – then iron until completely dry. When you tear away the nonwoven remnant, SOLVY™ will be removed without leaving any traces of stabilizer or backing!

Gunold Genuine Solvy™Technical Information

Material: Water-soluble film made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol
Strength: 20?, approx. 25 g/m2
Availability: Gunold Solvy™ is available in rolls and die cuts