Embroidery Lettering As Small As 3mm
with MicroFonts Software


Gunold offers several simple embroidery lettering software packages so that you don't have to be a digitizing expert to accomplish great embroidery! Designed by a professional digitzer, just select from your choice of font sizes, type in your desired letters, save to a stick in .dst or another file format, take to your machine and sew!  

Gunold Masterfonts is professionally pre-digitized in 40 weight standard embroidery fonts.  To really make tiny letters jump with wonderful clarity, use Gunold Microfonts along with our recommended 60 weight thread.  For 3-D letters using Puffy Foam, Puffy Fonts is naturally your keyboard lettering answer!


Buy it now - Microfonts!

MicroFontsTM is Your Small Lettering Software Solution 
  • Pre-digitized for small lettering!  Select from any of 10 fonts included in the software.
  • Quickly stitch beautiful and crisp small lettering.
  • Save your files in DSTand other popular formats.
  • Use your registration code on up to two computers.  No dongle necessary.  
  • No renewals or extra fees - program updates are free.
  • Important- requires 60 weight (finer gauge) thread.  
2 Purchase Options:
  1. Choose to purchase this Micro font keyboard lettering software for only for $249.00. 
  2. Choose to purchase everything you need to start, choose the Micro font software value kit.  Included are the MICROFONTS60 software (above), PLUS our most popular 27 colors of 60 wt. thread on 1,500 yd mini-king snapspool cones (comes in a nice storage box), PLUS our recommended 65/9 needles (qty 100) -- all for only $356.00.

Gunold (GUN) Melco/Bernina (EXP), Tajima (DST), Tajima (DSB), Tajima (DSZ), SWF (SST), KSM (KSM), Barudan DOS (DAT), Toyota (10o), Barudan Dos (dat & Uxx), Zsk DOS (ZSK), Happy (TAP)

Windows XP Home/Pro (SP1,2), Vista, P3 300Mhz Processor, 100MB hard drive space, 128MB RAM, DVD Drive, 800 x 600 display, Mouse, Internet Access