Canada Shipping Locations

Canada Map

With two different Gunold warehouse locations, Gunold is committed to quickly filling your order and getting it to you in the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective way. Gunold has the most well-stocked embroidery supply warehouses in the commercial embroidery industry. From Vancouver to Halifax, you simply won’t find an embroidery supplier who ships your order faster or more accurately—and with a smile!

Gunold Canada:
  • Order-by-phone - call 604-261-1121 or 1-800-663-6359
  • FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING for online credit card orders of $600 or more.  
  • Orders under $50.00 are subject to a $7.50 handling charge.  
  • Shipping Western Customers: Orders made before 2:00pm PST will be shipped out same day from Vancouver, BC.
  • Shipping Eastern Customers: Orders made before 2:00pm EST will be shipped out same day from Orangeville, ON.

Gunold Canada Inc.

102 - 1520 Rand Ave. Vancouver, BC, V6P 3G2

Phone: 604-261-1121 or 1-800-663-6359

Fax: 604-261-2240 or 1-888-261-2240