Heat Away Thermogaze Gauze

Gunold Thermogaze™ Heat-Away™ is a heat-sensitive gauze stabilizer used with great results for two types of materials.  The primary use is for stabilizing delicate embroiderables so that absolutely no backing residue remains.  After the embroidery is complete it completely disintegrates with a household iron.  The alternative use is to stabilize those fabrics that cannot get wet, like corduroy or velvet.  
Embroidery digitizing must be adjusted slightly when using Heat-Away™. The stitch count must be a slightly higher than for other applications. This adjustment ensures the stitches are anchored to hold the embroidery after the base material is removed.

How to remove Gunold Heat-Away:

  • After embroidery, Heat-Away can be removed after exposure to a temperature of 120°C to 180°C (248°F to 356°F).
  • With normal humidity and 180°C (356°F), the contact time is approx. 15 seconds. (will turn light brown)
  • In higher humidity increase contact time.
  • Do not use steam.
  • Brush or rub off remnants

How to stock Heat-Away:

  • Heat-Away must be protected against moisture, heat, and sunlight.
  • Prior to use, store Heat-Away in a closed plastic bag. If Heat-Away is not immediately removed after the heat treatment, store the embroideries in a closed plastic bag.
  • Heat-Away will not be destroyed if incorrectly stored, but it will then be more difficult to remove.
  • Heat Away™ can be purchased in 10" x 110-yard rolls or 30" x 110-yard rolls of 100% viscose.