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Gunold is a leading supplier of discounted embroidery supplies and the industry embroidery education leader.
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Finally a solution for those difficult to stabilize stretchy garments! One of Gunold's most popular new products, ActionBack is your total solution, designed specifically for embroidery on any stretch materials.
For over 80 years, the Gunold brand name has stood for high quality embroidery products, friendly service and expert advice. See our history here.
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Gunold's Pop Away backing is a light-weight backing that is perfect for simply applications. It tears away easily in all directions with very clean edges.
Solvy 20 mil water soluble topping is a Gunold favorite, and total solution to embroidery that sinks into the pile of garments, especially noticable with towels, terri cloth, and results in crisper embroidery on most all garments. It's also used as a water soluble backing.
Find the resources you need to get the correct products ordered for your embroidery business. We have our supply catalog, color cards and color conversion charts available upon request.
At Gunold, we take pride in providing our West Coast customers with high quality embroidery supplies and unmatched service.
Gunold's customers love to rave about our service and high quality embroidery supplies. View their testimonials by clicking here!
Converting to Gunold threads is easy! Just download and print these Adobe Acrobat files, and read across the charts for Gunold’s color match.
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Gunold provides the best commercial embroidery threads and supplies on the market. Gunold has a wide variety of threads and offers free shipping on orders over $75 in the contiguous US!
Gunold's POLY polyester embroidery thread is an ideal embroidery thread choice for a wide range of applications, including clothing, due to its top quality and durability.
Gunold's commercial stiffy tear away backing for embroiderers provides ideal crisp backing for specific jobs requiring more support from their backing.
Heavy Solvy, at 80 mil in weight, is the heaviest water soluble solvy application available from Gunold. It offers superior stability during embroidery, but also check our website for how to embroider patches with Heavy Solvy.
Gunold offers among the largest variety of finely crafted embroidery scissors, snips, tweezers, and more. We offer brands such as Ginger and Kia, and we carry left-handed scissors!
Free Shipping everyday with your minimum $75.00 order. Gunold ships from strategically located USA warehouses to provide you the products you need as quickly as possible.
Gunold looks to support our partners and affiliates. From international Gunold offices to our supporters in digitizing and other services, we look to provide you connections to them all.
Our U.S. Headquarters location houses our primary warehouse just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. At our Southeast Warehouse, we are able to offer free ...
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Personalize Bunny Buddy by directly embroidering your desired message or name! Bunny Buddy is made of high-quality materials and makes for a great gift!
Eco-minded customers can rest assured knowing Gunold Canada is striving to produce environmentally focused products that perform at and above industry standards.
Metallic Shiny Polyester Thread
Gunold's Fabri-Solvy is a water soluble stabilizer with a soft, silky feel. It behaves like fabric during embroidery, allowing ease of stitching and is easily rinsed away, leaving your design soft and comfortable against the skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and babies.
Dino Dinosaur Buddy is an adorable stuffed animal that can be easily embroidered to make giving a unique, personalized gift a reality.
Our wide variety of embroidery backings include cutaway, tear away, and water soluble so you'll get the perfect fit.
Gunold's 3D Puffy Foam adds eye-catching dimension to your embroidery in various thicknesses and colors.
Gunold's SULKY 100% rayon thread has gained a worldwide reputation for its ease of use and brilliant luster. At Gunold, we never compromise on quality and are here to help your embroidery business thrive.
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Gunold's cut away totally stabing backing offers superior suport and quality construction other cut away backing's often lack. We invite you to experience the difference.
Gunold Canada, Inc. sells wholesale embroidery supplies to the trade only. A current Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption is required prior to placing all orders.
Elford Elephant Buddy is a charming stuffed animal that can be easily embroidered to make your gift a personalized one that will always be remembered!
At Gunold USA, we offer a huge selection of commercial embroidery bobbin inventory including Coats, Fil-Tec, Neb, more. Free shipping and $75 mix-and-match orders available for pre-wound bobbins.
Filmoplast sticky backing, one of our most popular products, is self-adhesive backing that saves you time and money.
Our reflective embroidery thread is ideal for its safety properties along with its stylish effects.
See what our customers are saying about Gunold and our embroidery supplies! Here is a list of testimonials from our customers over the years.
Gerry Giraffe Buddy is a cute and captivating stuffed giraffe that is specially designed to make putting a personalized, embroidered message simple and fun!
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Gunold offers Organ ball point needles, sharp needles, titanium needles, and other fine quality embroidery needles.
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FELTY is ideal for any embroidery project, with it's non-elastic, soft and smooth surface.   You can easily make patches, ...
Gunold's metallic machine embroidery thread is your go-to metallic embroidery thread. Designed for high speed, multi-head embroidery machines you can run this thread with peace of mind, keeping your business running smoothly.
Allstitch backing from Gunold offers superior stability from a non-woven design. Light weight, durable backing available from Gunold USA.
Temporary adhesive sprays from Gunold Canada are powerful tools for commercial embroiderers looking for temporary stability without a compromised finished product.
Landy Lady Bug Buddy is cute ladybug stuffed animal with a friendly grin and a belly that can be easily embroidered for creating a customized message.
Gunold Canada offers a wide selection of wholesale commercial embroidery accessories and supplies to increase your company's efficiency and product offering.
Gunold USA's Soft-n- Sheer cutaway backing takes comfortable backing to a new level. Ideally suited for knit sewouts, Soft-n-sheer will provide comfort you never thought possible in commercial backing.
Twilly is your go-to fabric based embroidery stabilizer offering superior support as a base fabric for embroidery without backing, or can be applied to any garment using Gunold's Heat-N-Seal for a permanent bond.
Mister Buddy Bear is a popular teddy bear that is designed with the embroiderer in mind. Simply unzip and embroider away to create a customized stuffed bear!
A fabulous vintage look is the best of all worlds since it's simple, fast, and economical! This is because Gunold's Filaine commercial embroidery thread is thicker than ordinary threads, so you enjoy a low stitch count design that sews out in no time!
Stitch saver looks almost identical to embroidery, and is literally used in place of embroidery thread as a background material for patches and emblems. This saves you time, thread costs, machine wear, and is therefore a popular Gunod product for years running!
Pink Mister Buddy Bear is a unique teddy bear with the versatility of being easily embroidered. Just unzip and embroider to create a personalized teddy bear.
Gunold's fire retardant embroidery thread is manufactured to the highest safety standards for fire fighters, electricians, race car drivers and other niche markets.
Gunold Solvy is our patented product, only available at Gunold Canada. While there are imitations on the market, Solvy is not only the first, but still the most consistent and reliable water soluble stabilizer on the market.
With Thermofix, you can permanently affix embroidery applique onto jackets, shirts, fabrics and more. Gunold also offers the silicone paper that is used in this process.
Everyone loves Monty Monkey Buddy: an adorable stuffed monkey that can be personalized with ease by unzipping and embroidering your own special message.
Get specialty embroidery products, stitch savers, backing and more at Gunold Canada. Serving commercial embroiderers for more than 80 years.
Moo Moo Cow Buddy is a cow stuffed animal with a big smile! Moo Moo can be unzipped and easily embroidered to create your own customized stuffed cow.
Gunold's Thermoseal waterproof sealant is a revolutionary product that allows you to waterproof your finished fabroc by simply heat sealing Thermoseal to the back of your design!
Pauley Puppy is the perfect personalized gift. Pauley Puppy is an adorable stuffed puppy that is designed to make embroidering a personalized message simple.
Gunold offers fluorescent, glow in the dark, thread in seven colors that truly lasts the test of time.
For those uncomfortable embroideries that can cause friction and discomfort against your skin, Gunold carries comfortable cover-the-back embroidery backing for improved comfort.
Pendrick Penguin Buddy is a stuffed penguin designed for making a personalized message simple. Just unzip and embroider to make your unique stuffed penguin.
Heat away, or Thermogaze stabilizer, finally allows you to embroid intricate designs onto fabrics that cannot get wet, like velvet and corduroy. Like Solvy, heat away is removed, but by heat instead of water.
Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy is a cute pig stuffed animal that can be easily stuffed and embroidered with your own special message to create a unique gift.
A long-time Gunold favorite, heat-n-seal is a heat based bonding film used to permanently bond patches, emblems and more to any fabric.
Tory Tiger Buddy is a popular stuffed tiger that can be easily be embroidered to create a unique, customized stuffed animal! Simply unzip and embroider.
Thermofilm embroidery backing is your solution for heat-away embroidery backing applications that leave zero residue on your finished embroidery work.
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Gunold Canada provides education resources and training for commercial embroiderers and businesses owners to maximize their business offerings and technical understanding of embroidery.
At Gunold we have taken pride in providing a large selection of high quality wholesale commercial embroidery supplies, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service for over 80 years.
Have a question, comment, or want to leave feedback? Click here to contact us. We receive and read every submitted contact form!
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Gunold Reflex CRY 40 Wt. Reflec ...
ActionBack Performance Backing ...
Puffy Foam Soft Puffy Foam Classic Puffy Foam Dense  
It is as strong and as resistant to chlorine as polyester (POLY), but has the silky soft shine of viscose (SULKY) and the shimmering sheen of metallic thread (METY).
Embroiderers who want to make a design softer, with fill stitched areas containing fewer stitches, often focus on the density settings. Making the density lighter may be a suitable solution in some instances, but it often leads to a sparsely covered area.