POLY Polyester Embroidery Thread

POLY is a durable polyester machine thread and the top polyester embroidery thread choice for embroidering blanks and garments subject to routine heavy usage. For 90 years our thread has been a trusted product that truly works.

POLY is a 100% polyester thread that is manufactured in Germany. Our polyester thread is designed for high-speed, commercial embroidery and monogramming machines. Due to its pliability, it is marked by its ease of use. Also, POLY not only has a beautiful, silky sheen but is incredibly durable.

POLY Polyester Benefits

  • Ideal Choice: Poly thread is perfect for company uniforms, work clothes, jeans, caps, linens and more. Even suitable for greasy restaurant and auto shop usage where the heavy laundering is required.
  • Colorfast to Chlorine: Polyester embroidery thread is tear resistant and colorfast to chlorine; high water temperatures and bleach do not compromise its integrity.
  • Bright and Vivid Colors: We offer a wide variety of bright and vivid colors that last through a large number of wash cycles.
  • Pantone Color Matching: We carry a large number of colors for Pantone color matching. We offer a 1-48 hour turn around, on the matching of your existing thread colors to Gunold's colors.
  • Long Lasting Durability: Retains its vibrancy even when subjected to tough industrial conditions. Gunold polyester thread is used by many commercial embroiderers of industrial garments.
  • Fewer Thread Breaks: With our poly embroidery thread you will experience far fewer thread breaks. Ideal for a multi-head environment where thread breaks can be costly.
  • Easy to Run: Many Gunold customers use polyester thread almost exclusively because of how easy it is to run on commercial embroidery machines. Whether you’re running the largest 100+ head commercial embroidery machine operations or a smaller thread boutique, we can save you time and money with ease.

Try It!

Do you want to stand head and shoulders above your competition? Set your business apart with embroidery sewouts made with our 60-weight polyester embroidery thread. It’s perfect for those areas that require tight stitches confined to a small space (such as small letters). 60-weight thread adds fine details and extra embroidery dimension and clarity.  You will become a lifelong fan.

POLY- Durable Polyester Embroidery Thread

Starter Kits

With any of our three starter kits, you will experience for yourself our high-quality commercial machine embroidery thread available anywhere at wholesale pricing.

  • 40-weight thread kit: contains 27 mini-king spools in our most popular colors.
  • 60-weight thread kit: for a crisp look when embroidering small print or fine detail designs, 27 mini-king spools per kit. 
  • 40-weight thread kit: contains 292 solid colored mini-king spools and 8 neon colored mini-king spools. Included in the kit are 3 wooden racks. Each rack has 120 pegs to hold the 1,100-yard mini-king cones. Racks can be used free standing or hung on a wall.