METY Metallic Embroidery Thread

Gunold metallic embroidery thread (METY) catches everyone's eye with its color and glamorous gold and silver tones. These features give a unique embroidery look to every project. Add our metallic embroidery thread product to your embroidery supply arsenal and set yourself apart from your commercial embroidery competition.

Gunold's metallic machine embroidery thread is composed of a polyester core that is wrapped with a metallic foil. Both our metallic gold embroidery threads and silver metallic embroidery threads come in sizes 5/2 (30 wt.) and 7/2 (40 wt.) in regular and Mini-King cones.

  • Commercial Use: Designed for high-speed, industrial, multi-head, embroidery machines.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for creating unique designs on vinyl, upholstery, denim, velvet, and a variety of embroidery blanks. Gunold's METY metallic thread has become the choice of many commercial embroidery shops worldwide.
  • 30 Different Colors: Offered in 30 metallic shades and eight gold and silver shades.
  • Wholesale Prices: We offer great wholesale prices. Saving money on your embroidery thread purchases could be one of the best you make for your business.
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Gunold Metallic Embroidery Thread - METY