Fire-Retardant Embroidery Thread

Our specialty fire-resistant embroidery thread is your answer for work wear, or any garments near flames that require flame resistant construction. Poly FIRE® flame-resistant embroidery thread is similar in function to Nomex fire thread. We offer the same excellent high-speed machine performance found in all of Gunold's thread. Offered as a 40 weight thread, and is available in 27 colours.

PolyFire is a 100% polyester thread that has a special coating to make it fire-retardant. PolyFire is certified to the criteria of EN ISO – Oeko –Tex.

In addition to being available in 27 colours, PolyFire comes in 40 (den 115/2) weight thread on 1,100 yard Mini-King cones.

Be Fully Protected with Flame-Resistant Embroidery Thread

When it comes to being fire-resistant the garment is only fully protected if the embroidered logos, designs and letterings are made from are also fire resistant. Our flame-resistant thread is among the best available in the embroidery industry. Our flame-resistant thread contains a special coating that is perfect for laboratory coats, fire fighters uniforms, race car drivers wear, electricians, construction workers, and numerous other textiles exposed to open fire.

Fire Resistant Embroidery Thread

Complementary Embroidery Supplies
  • Embroidery Needle: We recommend universal embroidery needle ORGAN No. 75/11 SES (ball point needle)
  • Embroidery Bobbin Thread: POLY FIRE® should also be used as bobbin thread

Compare Our Poly FIRE Fire-Resistant Embroidery Thread

If you're looking to embroider garments that demand a reliable and consistent flame-resistant thread try PolyFire . For more information on how you can receive a free sample and a colour card, contact us today. Once you receive the free sample, we invite you to compare our thread to any other fire-resistant thread available today. You won't be disappointed.