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Gunold Canada's Embroidery Threads - Ecology from the Very Inception

At Gunold, ecology and quality go hand-in-hand. We believe that creating high-quality embroidery thread should involve an environmentally-friendly, sustainable process. Being an eco-friendly company and producing an unrivaled product should not be mutually exclusive. How do we achieve this? During the production process, Gunold does not compromise in two areas:

  1. Respect of Nature: The eco-minded can rest assured that when they purchase Gunold products, preservation of nature has been fully considered.
  2. Standards of High Quality: Gunold is recognized worldwide for producing the most consistent and highest quality embroidery products available.

Gunold: Embroidery Industry Leader in Protecting and Sustaining the Environment

Gunold's Sulky rayon thread starts out as a substance called viscose and is processed by Enka, the producer of the finest viscose available anywhere.To manufacture viscose, Enka utilizes the wood of a specialized pine tree that is grown on a protected and controlled plantation. This results in a sustainable, renewable, and bio-degradable resource.

Tree Cross Section

Tree Cross Section:
Enka viscose is the raw material for Sulky thread. It is made of cellulose which is extracted from very special pine trees. Enka viscose is an organic and renewable raw material. It is biodegradable, and is produced utilizing environmentally friendly processes.

Enka cuts no corners in the creation of its viscose. They insist on allowing nature to age their product for a full 30 days until it reaches perfection, much like a fine wine. The viscose must then pass a rigorous inspection before being released for further production. Sulky rayon thread is the only embroidery thread entitled to wear Enka's coveted Gold Seal. This recognizes Gunold's steadfast refusal to dilute their thread with inferior viscose products which would negatively impact quality as well as the environment.

Ecology Focus Continues When Converting Natural ENKA Viscose into Gunold's Completed Thread Products

The next processing steps are to turn the viscose into thread, then dye and twist this beautiful thread onto master cones. This is accomplished by BEERLI AG, owned by Urs Isler who also owns 50% of Gunold. During these processes, the intensive spotlight continues to focus on preserving nature while maintaining high quality. The following list of BEERLI AG production facts is nothing short of impressive:

  • Each year, BEERLI AG invests millions of Euros in state-of-the-art ecology and quality assurance technologies in their production sites in Austria and Switzerland. For many years, the investments have focused on anti-pollution measures such as waste heat recovery and steam boiler maintenance.
  • These investments have resulted in a substantial reduction in annual emissions: 310,000 kg less carbon dioxide emissions, 1,200 kg less sulphur dioxide emissions, and approximately 18 million liters of water saved.
  • Only reusable cores are utilized in the dyeing process.
  • Many years ago, aluminum containers replaced one-time-use cardboard boxes for the storage of unfinished goods.

Enka Label

Enka Label:
Because Gunold uses exclusively high-quality Enka viscose for the production of 100% of its class-leading Sulky thread, Sulky products are entitled to wear the coveted Enka Gold Label.

"We have emphasized that throughout the entire production process, saving energy and resources while manufacturing the highest quality thread is the central theme." Christoph Gunold, Managing Director of Gunold GmbH, further explains, "The consistent implementation and compliance with the ÖKOTEX Standard 100' certification requirements enables our customers to work with embroidery thread that is completely safe for humans and the environment."

ÖKOTEX Standard 100' was introduced 15 years ago and represents all types of textile products that are ecologically safe for humans. This internationally-binding test catalogue is based on scientifically proven parameters, and it is revised annually to conform to the latest legislation and research. However, GUNOLD's limit values often far exceed the legal requirements.

  • Gunold's superb viscose thread is branded under the Sulky trademark. It is available in 30 and 40 weight, and comes in 390 different shades.
  • POLY 40-weight polyester thread is available in 300 colors.
  • POLY 60-weight polyester embroidery thread is especially suitable for intricate embroidery and comes in 54 different shades.
  • cotton embroidery thread made of 100% mercerized cotton comes in 30 and 12 weight, and COTTY is offered in 126 colors.
  • Filaine 12-weight specialized acrylic embroidery thread has a wool-like finish, is made of 100% acrylic, and is available in 108 colors.
  • Our bobbin thread is available in several types, all certified with the ÖKOTEX 100' label.

Christoph Gunold states, "We are fully aware of the importance of environmental protection and, therefore, we get involved in quality management based on the principles of human ecology, and support environmentally safe production processes."

Gunold GmbH, who has distributers and subsidiaries all over the world, has played a key role in leading the embroidery industry for the last 80 years. By consistently expanding their product range and employing the latest state-of-the-art technologies, they take care to honor their commitment to preserving and protecting the environment.

With Christoph Gunold as Managing Director, the 3rd generation of the Gunold family business feels that enhancing the productivity of the embroidery industry is the most important priority. BEERLI AG, as co-owner, also ensures that production, distribution, and a superior embroidery thread go hand-in-hand.

Thread Color Card

Thread Color Card:
Sulky - the name given to the industry's absolute finest and most natural embroidery thread.

It is natural that after 80 years of experience, Gunold GmbH, based in Stockstadt, Germany, plays a key role within the embroidery industry. As a worldwide reliable resource and partner for everybody who embroiders, We are constantly expanding our product line, and products are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We hold dear the core value of continually enhancing efficiency and productivity within the embroidery industry. Gunoldsimply insists on leading and driving industry direction. With Christoph Gunold as Managing Director, the third generation of the Gunold family continues to be successfully and evermore-deeply established in the embroidery industry. BEERLI AG, as the co-owner of Gunold, further ensures that the words quality and ecology can be spoken together in the same sentence with absolutely no contradiction. Make no mistake: at Gunold, ecology and quality go hand-in-hand!