Customer Testimonials

Gunold loves hearing great feedback from our customers. We take pride in providing an over-the-top customer experience at every touch point so we want to make sure that's translating to each customer. Below is a collection of what some of our customers are saying about our products and communication.

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I had trouble accessing the site but after phoning in, found out you were having trouble. The lady on the phone was great and I may not have bought had I not talked to her. Thanks for all your help! - anonymous
Robert from Gunold was extremely patient and knowledgeable. - anonymous
Love your thread, have used it for years and have so much satisfaction with it. The website is very easy to navigate and I will be coming back. Thank-you. - Edna W.
New to Gunold and hope to be a long time customer - First order was a breeze! - Angie
Robert from Gunold was very helpful in answering my questions and finding the right product for me. - anonymous
Always a positive experience using your website. No problems at all. Great customer service, thanks. - Karen
Everyone has been so helpful. I'm very pleased. Gunold is my go to supplier. I love the videos too. - anonymous
You guys are amazing!!! Incredibly helpful, will be my go to for all my embroidery needs and requests. Robert was so patient in answering my tons of questions!!! your website is nicely laid out, easy to find what is needed. - anonymous
Excellent customer service and super friendly =) Thanks for all your support!! Keep up the good work! - anonymous
Shopping was AWESOME! I hope its ready today, called Delores and Brandan they were GREAT! - anonymous

Sales rep called very quickly, was friendly polite and informative with my questions. Gave me confidence to purchase. - Lee D.

I love your Wednesday Web Busters! It's win win...I stock up and buy more! - anonymous

I have never had any issues with Gunold. Always awesome customer service!!! - Tracy

Everything was fantastic! - Cora H.

I've had 2 orders placed thus far and both experiences have been tremendous. Fast replies on my orders from customer service and very fast shipping. Thank you. - anonymous

Best website I've ever used to purchase online. Excellent marketing, hard to improve upon! - Melody T.

Denise is an amazing help, she has saved me both frustration and money with her tips and advice. Thank you so much, I'm a loyal customer - anonymous

Just had to write to you to let you know how "amazed" I was at the Gunold Action Back stabilizer. I had a rush job, did a test sew out and it was EFFORTLESS. No stressing, no holding my breath just smooth sailing -- or should I say stitching. You can be sure the Action Back stabilizer will be my "go to" product on any kind of poly/performance fabric from now on. Thank you, thank you. - Barbara D.

I found your site easy to navigate and look forward to receiving my first shipment from you. - anonymous

Customer service always very helpful in answering questions before I order. - anonymous

Great products excellent service. - anonymous

I have always found Gunold to be quick and helpful. The quality of their product and service is above and beyond. - Naomi P.

I am a first time buyer, you were recommended to me by one of your customers. She was correct, you have everything I have been looking for. I look forward to more business with you. - anonymous

Really like the clear descriptions of your products. - anonymous

Customer support for new customers is top notch! Thanks for the sample box, and shipped so quickly! - anonymous

You have always been good to me and I refer so many foks to you. - anonymous

I am still a new customer. When I called I received lots of help. And was not hurried along. Thank you! - anonymous

I had to call customer service and had very good service. She was very helpful to me and she was very nice. - anonymous

Easy to find what I was looking for. - anonymous

Your website is well designed. I appreciate the detailed information about your products and how you include a "Shop Now" link on the info page. - anonymous