Gunold Worldwide - Since 1927, A Rich Embroidery History

Our company once started as an art studio and punching service. Paul Gunold founded his business in Plauen, Germany, in 1927. At this time his friend at school Max Bredtschneider had invented the first single head embroidery machine, which was driven automatically by Jacquard cards. In cooperation with Max Bredtschneider and Würker, a machine manufacturer, Paul Gunold started manufacturing embroidery programs.
Due to the Second World War and the Russian occupation of former East Germany, Paul Gunold and his family were forced to flee to West Germany and he re-established the business in Stockstadt / Main, today's headquarters.

After the death of Paul Gunold in the year 1950, his oldest son Heinz took over the management. Already in 1958 Heinz Gunold was able to move into brand-new production facilities located in the new industrial park of Stockstadt. This is a "historical highlight" for our company as this marks the beginning from workshop to industrial production.

Ten years later, in 1968 Stickma GmbH was founded - we started with the distribution of embroidery materials. Later this company was merged with Gunold and carried the name Gunold + Stickma GmbH . Then our motto “Embroidery Partners” recommended our company as the "One-Stop-Shop" for everything concerning multihead embroidery.
Since 1976 our special threads have been manufactured by Beerli AG, Switzerland according to our specifications. The decision to expand the business into the wholesale of embroidery supplies, marks the beginning of the "Division Materials" (since 1991) and laid the foundation of today`s Gunold GmbH.

The year 1996 represents another milestone in the history of our company.
Beerli AG, with production facilities in Switzerland and Austria acquires 50% of the shares of Gunold GmbH and thus creates the consistent integration of production and sales activities. Urs Isler together with Christoph Gunold - oldest son of Heinz - are now the directors, whereas Stephan Gunold, Christoph`s brother, has been responsible for marketing and product management.

Starting into the new millennium our company’s reputation as a global player continues to grow and our range of products is becoming more and more diversified. The “Gunold“ brand name stands for high quality products, friendly service and expert advice. Doing business with our company, any embroiderer can experience “The Fantastic World of Embroidery Materials”, wherever he may be in the whole wide world.